Varicella Pneumonia In Pregnancy

Varicella (chicken pox) is the most common contagious childhood disease occurring in adults. This affects spproximately 10% of adults over 15 years of age are susceptible and at risk for a more severe infection than the childhood variety. ls2 Varicella pneumonia is the commonest adult complication with an incidence exceeding 15% and accounting for hospitalization in about one in 400 infected adults. Varicella infections may be associated with hepatitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, thrombocytopenia, Reye’s Syndrome, encephalitis, renal failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, cellulitis, arthritis, transverse myelitis, coagulopathy and glomerulonephritis, all resulting in a 1% mortality. However, if pneumonia complicates the infection, mortality may reach 30% in untreated patients.1,3-5 Varicella pneumonia is more common in pregnancy than in the adult immunocompetent population.6 In the untreated adult healthy nonpregnant population, varicella pneumonia has a mortality rate of 1 l%, but in pregnancy it carries a mortality of 3540% because of a higher incidence of respiratory failure. The perinatal mortality rate may be as high as 65%, depending on the age of gestation and degree of maternal respiratory failure.7 Since nonpregnant cigarette smokers with varicella develop pulmonary complications 45% of the time, smoking during pregnancy contributes

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