Maternity Services

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, the type of care she has access to is often decided simply by her medical insurance status – public or private.
Women with private health insurance are promptly referred to a private obstetrician.

Women without health insurance are referred to the closest public hospital where the type of maternity care they receive is determined by the types or models of care available within that structure.

Women in Australia may find it difficult to find out what services are available in their local area. A few sites may assist with this and these are listed on our links page.

Midwives Australia believe that every woman has the right to continuity of care, from the moment she discovers she is pregnant, to the time she and her baby are discharged – happy, healthy, confident and content.


Private practice midwives offer women the chance to experience one on one midwifery care from the moment they are pregnant, until their baby is six weeks old.
Your midwife will perform all the checks on the baby’s growth and heart rate, as well as monitoring your health. She will order ultrasounds and any pathology you choose or require and will conduct all the elements of your pregnancy care.

In labour the midwife you have chosen (who you now know really well!) is on hand helping you to choose when to go to hospital or stay at home, and then provides your care through birth until you have fed your baby and feel settled.Your midwife then sees you daily and is available 24 hours a day until your baby is six weeks old.

You are always supported, heard, respected and loved as you go through one of the most major, intense and important transitions of your life.
Many women stay friends with their midwife for life.


Midwives believe that women can’t make informed choices about how to birth their babies until they are . . . informed. So we recommend books and websites for you to look at, births to watch on DVD or video, and discussions to have with your partner, family and baby too see what feels right for you.Every birth is different, unique, magical.It is an absolute privilege for us to be there to support and witness you at your most powerful birthing your baby.It’s miraculous every time.

During your pregnancy, your midwife and you will have worked out a plan for how you would like to birth and where. You will feel very comfortable with making informed choices about positions, scenarios, who is present at the birth etc.And because you will have been in constant contact with your midwife in the build up to the birth, and seeing her regularly, by the time the first contractions start, you will be excited, confident and prepared.

You will have discussed with your midwife when to call her.You and your support team may be happy at home on your own for some time.When you call your midwife she will come to your home to be with you.If you have decided to birth in hospital, then together you will decide when is the right time to go.

Post Birth Care

Sometimes it seems that birthing the baby is the easy part as new mothers struggle to get to grips with breastfeeding, the disruption, lack of sleep and responsibility of taking care of a new baby.

Postpartum can be a very difficult time for any woman and Private Practice Midwives believe it is crucial that every woman accesses real and practical support whether that be in the clinic or in the home.We listen, we hear you, and we help you.

Postnatal Midwifery gives the new mother the support, care, understanding and information she needs to successfully make the transition into motherhood.Post birth care from a private midwife is available for up to six weeks after the birth concluding with a final visit between six and seven weeks.

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