A Hospital that provides care for women during pregnancy and childbirth and for newborn infants

Types of Birth:


When you arrive, you’ll be assessed to be sure you are in active labour. If so, you and your partner will be escorted to one of our childbirth suites where you will labour and deliver your baby. You can play your music, dim the lights, use a warm water labour tub, shower — enjoy your experience. During this time nurses will be there for you, to coach and provide as much, or as little, support as you desire.

Most women decide in advance whether to have an epidural, or to experience labour naturally without pain medication. Some women elect to see how labour is going before making their decision. Whichever you decide, the hospital staffs are there to help you achieve your birth preference.
If you choose to have an epidural, this can be administered when you’re ready. Most anaesthesiologists and anaesthetists are on-site and available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you chose to deliver without pain medication, then there is also support your decision. Hospitals do this because the choice is the centre of your world, and this is your moment or experience.


If you are scheduled for a caesarean delivery (C-section), you will first be admitted to a birth suite. Therefore, your delivery nurse will complete your admission history and assess you and your baby. To prepare you for the C-section, your nurse will assist you with an antibacterial wipe and clip the hair from just below the belly button to the pubic area.

Also, an anaesthesia provider will visit you to discuss your anaesthesia options.

Cesarean births are usually done with spinal anaesthesia, which means you will be awake and alert when your baby is born. If you are having a spinal, it will be placed in the operating suite prior to the start of the caesarean section. After you receive your spinal, your nurse will place a catheter (a thin flexible tube) into your bladder to keep it empty, and place compression stockings on your legs to help prevent blood clots. Your baby will be born within the first few minutes of the caesarean section, and will be dried and warmed, all within your sight. Your partner can be with you throughout the caesarean, and can take plenty of pictures of your beautiful new baby. At the completion of the caesarean, your baby will be placed in your arms, or skin to skin if you wish, as you move, together as a new family, into recovery.


Sometimes, circumstances of labour and delivery change, and caesarean birth becomes necessary for the health and safety of mom and /or baby. Your physician and health care team will explain the indication for caesarean and help prepare you for the procedure.

Your delivery nurse will help you remove any jewellery, clip the hair from your belly button to your pubic bone, and clean your skin with an anti-bacterial wipe. Your anaesthesia provider will meet with you prior to moving to the caesarean suite to discuss pain management. If you already have an epidural for labour, it can be dosed more heavily to keep you comfortable throughout your caesarean birth. If you do not have anaesthesia in labour, a spinal aesthetic can be placed in the caesarean birth suite. In the event of an emergency, the decision may be made to use general anaesthesia (put you to sleep). Rest assured that emergencies, while occurring in only 1% of births, are handled with skill and speed.

Your partner will be given special clothes to wear to accompany you to the caesarean suite. You can bring your camera and you baby book for footprints. Your baby will be dried and warmed, all within your sight, and given to you and your partner as soon as possible. At the completion of your caesarean, your baby will be placed in your arms, or skin to skin if you wish, as you move, together as a family, to recovery.

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