What is Calm Birthing?

Founded by Peter Jackson, Calm birth is a child birth education program that was developed to assist couples to truly understand birth, release fears and anxiety about birth and teach them the skills they require to create positive birth experiences. Calm birth draws upon evidence based research and the knowledge of experts in the field to deliver a high quality program enabling us to effectively meet the needs of couples birthing in Australia and New Zealand.

During our classes couples learn the following

  1. How magnificently a woman’s body was designed to conceive, nurture and birth her baby and how to work with this process on the day of her baby’s birth
  2. To examine their beliefs about birth and how these beliefs can impact positively or negatively on their birth experience. With this couples learn about the powerful Mind-Body connection
  3. The practical skills of relaxation, breathing and visualization which have been proven as instrumental in assisting the process of birth.
  4. The importance of bonding with their baby and how this effects their baby’s future life
  5. To feel confident and to take control of their own birth experience
  6. During the classes couples are guided through relaxation/meditation exercises that teach them how to tap into a wonderful inner resource called the Relaxation Response. The Relaxation Response is a person’s innate ability to evoke a bodily calm allowing them to counteract the harmful effects of stress thus providing an atmosphere for emotional and physical healing. The Relaxation Response is a powerful tool not only for birth but also for life.
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