After The Active Birth

Going through an Active Birth and experiencing the pain of labour is a huge challenge that will probably stretch you to your limits and beyond. In the peak of the experience, just before you are ready to give birth to your baby, you may feel despairing, as if relief will never come. Yet the nature of birth is that pain comes and goes. In between contractions there are intense moments of peace, bliss and even ecstasy.

The moment you are holding your baby in your arms for the first time you are likely to forget almost instantly the pain you have been through to get there. Instead, a feeling of enormous exhilaration may arise. I often think this must be something like the way a mountaineer may feel reaching the peak of Everest and seeing the view at the top for the first time.

However you give birth, producing a baby is an achievement you can be very proud of. While aiming for an Active Birth, it is important not to forget that the baby is more important than the birth! While birth is very rarely easy and sometimes the challenge is to get through the experience with all the medical help you can get, having an Active Birth is an empowering and life transforming experience for many women. Starting from the basic wisdom that it’s best to keep upright and with a few simple modifications to the environment, I have seen over the years that most women can have a much better experience of birth than they might otherwise have done.

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