Advantage to Gentle Birthing

Gentle Birth focuses on 3 core areas for the most positive birth and parenting experience possible.

  1. Brain Training for Birth and Beyond
  2. Physical Comfort Strategies for Birth
  3. Navigating your way through your options.

One of the key differentiators of Gentle Birth is that unlike other programmes the goal is not ‘pain free birth’ (yes it happens occasionally and it’s wonderful when it does). Gentle Birth techniques are about building emotional resilience – the ability to ‘bounce back’ from setbacks and handle anxiety/stress in a healthier way. Resilience is the ability to face and handle life’s day-to-day challenges with a flexible and adaptable attitude – through pregnancy, birth and beyond. There’s no doubt that pregnancy can be stressful, labour can be stressful, breastfeeding too and all of the adjustments that come with having a new baby. A positive birth is important for the mother’s mental health.

For the Gentle Birth programme you and your partner are taking a huge step forward towards a positive, empowering and gentler birth and parenting experience with or without intervention with life skills that will stay with you forever. Over the years teaching this type of programme one of the most exciting aspects of this isn’t just the increase in medication free births and cesarean rate of 4%. Gentle Birth really excels the ability for moms and dads to handle whatever comes their way on the day and feel good about their decisions. They are even able to reframe negative experiences into positive ones and take those first intense weeks of parenting in their stride.

Expectant parents during Gentle Birth can easily learn ‘brain training’ tools for a positive birth including (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness techniques, medical hypnosis and sports psychology. No other childbirth preparation combines these leading edge ‘brain training’ tools. Hypnosis is a wonderful skill to learn and can be very effective but not everyone is equally hypnotizable – and some Moms find hypnosis challenging. Over the last ten years supporting women in families in labor I’ve found that having more than one tool in your toolkit is essential for the best birth possible no matter what kind of birth you’re having – and having a Plan B is always a sensible idea.

As a midwife Tracey recommends having lots of tools in your toolkit – the more tools a couple has access to on the big day the more prepared and confident they feel and the more emotional resilient both parents are adjusting to life after labour with a new baby.

Gentle Birth helps develop and master these skills due to the program. Using self-directed neuroplasticity you’re physically changing the structure of your brain (DIY brain remodeling) and the results will change the way you react to the world forever – not just on the day your baby arrives. You’ll also have ongoing support from our online private Facebook group with thousands of Gentle Birth Moms and our panel of experts.

Physical Comfort Measures

You and your birth partner will learn physical comfort techniques and tips used around the world by midwives and doulas for the best birth possible. You’ll have a toolkit full of comfort strategies to keep you calm, confident and in control before, during and after your baby arrives including strategies to help your baby into optimal position and ways to reduce the side effects of an epidural should you need one.

Navigating the System

Navigating the maze of options during pregnancy can be daunting. A key section of the Gentle Birth workshops is navigating and negotiating the system for the most positive birth. Many couples are unaware that routine interventions used frequently in maternity care are outdated and no longer considered to be of any benefit to healthy Moms and babies. Understanding the nuances of maternity care helps you create and then confidently communicate meaningful birth preferences to staff so your clinical care is evidenced based. We’ll help your partner feel very comfortable asking simple questions to find out if and deviations from your birth preferences are due to medical necessity or routine practice.

Ten Advantages to the Gentle Birth Method

  1. Proven: Gentle Birth is a proven, safe, effective program to reduce anxiety during pregnancy and pain during labor. It is recommended by midwives and obstetricians. 98% of mums will use Gentle Birth in their next pregnancy, 85% had no epidural.
  2. Expertise: Gentle Birth was founded by Tracy Donegan, midwife, author of The Irish Better Birth Book and the Irish Cesarean and VBAC Guide. Tracy is the Irish Daily Mail maternity expert, Eumom pregnancy and birth expert and is a regular contributor to Easy Parenting. Tracy has been training birth Doulas (professional birth partners) in Ireland and abroad since 2006. Over 2000 couples have attended a Gentle Birth workshop with Tracy. Tracy has guest lectured in the Coombe Hospital, DkIT and CUMH on promoting normality in birth with brain training and personally trains and assesses all Gentle Birth Instructors. Tracy provides advice and information on the Gentle Birth private Facebook group.
  3. Medical Professionals: Family physicians, midwives, nurses and other medical professionals attend and recommend Gentle Birth workshops for evidence based medical information and best international practice.
  4. Science: The Gentle Birth program is backed by science. Gentle Birth takes a unique approach to positive birth preparation by using tried and tested techniques and exercises to challenge and change the way you think about birth, breastfeeding and beyond.
  5. Comprehensive Materials: Everything you need for pregnancy, birth and beyond is included in our 8 practice CDs and Guidebook.
  6. Choice: You choose the format that suits you – a hands on workshop with your partner or home study course with ongoing support.
  7. Meetups: Come along to one of our regularly scheduled coffee mornings to meet our instructors and other Gentle Birth Moms and babies.
  8. Epidurals: Our goal is a positive birth – with or without medication. Most Gentle Birth Mums cope well without pain relief but if you choose to have an epidural you and your partner will understand how to optimise the use of your epidural to reduce side effects for you and your baby.
  9. Evidence Based Information: All of the information provided by our Instructors is based on international best practice so you and your partner can make informed decisions about your care.
  10. Community: Join our private Facebook page to connect with other Gentle Birth parents and our resident positive birth experts.
What’s Included? Hypnosis for Birth GentleBirth™
Developed by a health care professional (Midwife) No Yes
Number of practice CDs 1 8 practice CDs +
Mp3s available for immediate download online? No Yes
Created specifically for local maternity practices. No Yes
CD for Birth Partner included (Male & Female) No Yes
CD for Driving included (GentleBirth on the Go) No Yes
CD for Labor Induction No Yes
Suitable for independent / home study Hypnobabies Yes
Available as a weekend workshop? No Yes
Ongoing support available for homestudy? In some areas Yes
VBAC Homestudy program? No Yes
Includes a specific role for Dads Yes Yes
Includes Mindfulness Techniques No Yes
Includes Sports Psychology Techniques No Yes
Includes Labour Acupressure Techniques No Yes
Includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) No Yes
Includes hypnosis and visualization Yes Yes
Includes Prenatal Baby Bonding CD No Yes
Includes information on coping with a challenging birth. No Yes
Includes an online support network to connect with over 1400 GentleBirth moms and private Facebook page No Yes
Confident Breastfeeding CD No Yes
Quick recovery, confident parenting hypnosis CD included as standard No Yes
CD for a Positive Caesarean No Yes
CD for Breech No Yes
CD for Twin Pregnancy No Yes
Postnatal CD for New Moms (and partners) No Yes
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